Track 4 Outcomes

Track 4 explored the theme of A Secure Future.

Participants developed 5 very different projects around food, water and identity security.


Broken Hill has exhausted its fresh water sources.
How can an eco centre and an arts event save the city’s water?
Using Broken Hill as a test model to solve arid area water issues.

Check out the pitch deck : bh2o


100 Points for Refugees : Winner
Digital identity management for refugees to assist in movement,  resettlement, social and economic integration and inclusion

Check out the pitch deck : we-are-the-100-points-for-refugees


Food Networked AU
Making healthy food more accessible to people from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Check out the pitch deck : eng_disruption


The Pests
Making agriculture more efficient through employing air and land drones. Minimising chemical usage, disease and pests and maximising output.

Check out the pitch deck : the-pests


Broken Water : Winner
Extracting pure water from polluted water (using Broken Hill as a case study)

Check out the pitch boards below :