Track 4 : A Secure Future


Track 4 explores the theme of A Secure Future and may include :

•Securing Cyberspace
•Preventing Nuclear Terror
•Water Security
•Food Security
•Resource Security

Some suggestions include :

Utilising imperfect produce

Equality in Food Production

Improve food processing

Food Safety – cross contamination and antibiotic resistance

Balancing the benefits of big data and privacy

Reducing demand on non-renewable and environmental resources

Promote a less consumerist society

Your ideas and disciplinary perspectives are welcome.

• Do you have great ideas?

• Does your research / work / passion project have the potential to solve big issues ?

• Are you wanting to put your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to good use?

• Looking for other like minded people to work with?

• Want to learn innovation, human centred design and entrepreneurial techniques?

• Interested in trying new techniques to extend your skill base?

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3 thoughts on “Track 4 : A Secure Future

  1. My passion is a visualization of mankind colonizing space. I believe mining and manufacturing in space will ameliorate pressures on our globe, freeing it for food production and a healthier habitation. It will give time for better processes to be developed without further contaminating this planet. It is a big picture view which many discredit as unrealizable but I disagree, The space agencies are planning to go to Mars in the 2030’s, and The Moon is a viable relatively close location for certain expensive and polluting maufacturing processes.
    My current aim is to promote Australian participation in the space race so the general public can understand the current economic disruption and their redunancy. They might not understand the leads we are making in satellites, but I hope creation of a Martian habitat in South Australia might provide a hub for all to come together and consider the future..


  2. PS skill set B.Comm, Dip Visual Art, MArt. Worked in import/export, logistics, property & fin. and hospitality. Life is about setting goals and challenges and not the easy well travelled road.


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