The Winners!!

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in Engineering Disruption. Every project that was produced over the 4 tracks delivered an innovative response to some of the Global Grand Challenges we face.

The top 2 teams from each track plus 3 wild cards competed in a pitch fest on December 5th and the winners were as follows:

1st prize: $1500

100 points refugees

An organisation assisting in the refugee status determination process for governments and organisations like UNHCR through prescreening refugees based on their uploaded documents. Our 100 points system is designed to decrease the list of countries they can seek refuge in before they leave, ultimately decreasing the number of unsuccessful applications and making it easier for officers to verify refugees and their status.

Team Members: Flora Wang, Raymond Doan, Jonathan Timmerman, Kevin Yu

2nd prize: $850

Air Homes

A self sufficient, modular, low cost, inclusive solution to the affordable housing issues in Global Cities.

Team : Muhammad Naveed Hossain, Chaitanya Baldeo, Maria Lai, Wai Ka Anna Chan, Artem Churilov

3rd prize: $650


The Ikea of algal growth systems at scale for food, fuel and energy.

Team: Simin Maleknia, Irah Wajchman. Andres Pradilla, Gavin Conibeer, Dr Robert Patterson.

People’s Choice track 1: $500

Pacific Island Safe Sanitation 

Pacific Island communities are being threatened by climate change due to changing weather patterns and rising sea level. Both of these impact the ability to access clean, safe, fresh water that is vital for human survival.  We propose a low-cost, low-tech solution to ensure safe water for local communities into the future on remote Pacific Islands. Our proposal involves 2 aspects: the installation of composting toilets and the education/training of local people on water scarcity, safe sanitation and how the bi-products of the toilet can be used to enhance agriculture. We believe our project, though simple, can drastically improve the living conditions of many people in small island developing states.

Team : Kristen Splinter, Ron Cox, Vera Li

People’s Choice track 2: $500


A multi-platform phone app that motivates people to get outside so they can exercise and learn about their surroundings.

Team: Cory Snooks, Bruno Gaëta, Veronica Truong, Jason Chen, Nicholas Ho

People’s Choice track 3: $500


The increasing accumulation of waste in landfills is an important environmental issue. The solution to this is material recovery and reuse. However, there are currently issues with recycling which prevent it from being the ideal solution. The popular single stream model of recycling is convenient for users but is limited in that it has high processing costs and risks material contamination. The alternative source separated model reduces the contamination risk but it can be inconvenient for the user and requires proper education into disposal. This project proposes a solution that utilises an autonomous self-sorting recycling system. This system facilitates the source separated recycling model and surpasses many of its limitations. The proposed solution will increase recycling yield and decrease the cost of material recovery.

Team: Nathan Freitas, Jacky Cai, Andrew Cheng, Lydia Hayward

People’s Choice track 4: $500

Broken Water

Addressing the problem of water security at Broken Hill through the use of a creative new distillation system / process.

Team: Chamaine Lai, Ricky Qu, Ronald Simon