Track 3 : How We Live


Track 3 explores the theme of How We Live, and may include :

•Urban Infrastructure

•Making Solar Economical

•Energy from Fusion



•Refugees and Migration


Some suggestions include:

Louise Fowler-Smith – Water Walls

How inequality interacts with identity (gender, race, class)

Affordable Housing

Carbon Cost of Work

Food packaging – biodegradable v recyclable

Food waste reduction


Inequality is bad for everyone

Renewable energy and blockchain

Food traceability

Promoting positive attitudes towards refugees

Social inclusion for people with disabilities

Transport portfolio Optimisation

Your ideas and disciplinary perspectives are welcome.

• Do you have great ideas?

• Does your research / work / passion project have the potential to solve big issues ?

• Are you wanting to put your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to good use?

• Looking for other like minded people to work with?

• Want to learn innovation, human centred design and entrepreneurial techniques?

• Interested in trying new techniques to extend your skill base?

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