Track 2 Outcomes

Track 2 of Engineering Disruption explored Health, Knowledge and Learning . 7 great ideas evolved and were developed into viable projects. 2 will proceed to the finals. 

Protean – un – discipline :
VR Education Technology Platform for collaboration. A virtual reality (VR) environment to host scenarios for simultaneous engagement of multi-disciplinary teams.

Check out the pitch deck : protean-un-discipline


Touchy Prosthetics :
 A non-invasive method to restore touch and control prosthesis using pulsatile mechanical stimulation to recreate natural neural input to recreate touch sensations.

Check out the pitch deck : touchy_prosthesis_pitch-ppt


For(e)sight: WINNER
Improve access to vision solutions for disadvantaged communities

Check out the pitch deck : presentation1
Solving the disconnect between the healthcare system and the needs of the patients by designing a receptive room and trustworthy companion to monitor patients around the clock.

Check out the pitch deck : eng-disr-2016

¡Corre!: WINNER

Location aware running companion making use of multi dimensional sound – Audio AR

Check out the pitch deck :  corre

Flourishing on the Vine : 
Matching Service for skills and gear across the university



Ubi – AI:
Helping Young People by engaging with them in conversations about drinking related issues.