UNSW Engineering invites students and staff from all faculties of UNSW to join them in one of 4 full – day,  cross-disciplinaryEngineering Disruption sessions in November 28,29,30 and December 1.

Our goal is to draw together over 200 engaged students and staff, from across the whole of UNSW, to innovate approaches to solving some of our greatest global challenges. You will be guided through an innovation process where you will identify opportunities / issues and collaborate in cross-disciplinary teams to design, prototype, test and deliver responses to these using entrepreneurial mechanisms to maximise the potential for sustainable, deliverable impact.

Participation will help you develop innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship skills which may be used in your research, teaching and learning activities at UNSW. It may also foster possibilities for cross-faculty collaboration in research, teaching, and service.

Please download your HackPack here to prepare for the best Engineering Disruption Experience. engineeringdisruption16hackpack